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Free downloads of large, old New York city maps

Updated: August 2017. I’ve added a few more maps, and added some higher resolution images.

I stumbled across these old maps of New York City today and have been fascinated at the detail in these things. The best part is, they are available in large, high resolution format (and I mean large) to download, so I’ll definitely be making a little project out of these in the coming weeks.

Here are some of my favorites that are based around New York city. I’ve included an overview of the entire map, as well as some little details at full resolution. Hope you enjoy these unique views into NYC as much as I have.

According to the big map blog, these are all believed to be in the public domain, which means they are free to use. I’ve attached a preview of the whole map, as well as a full size shot to give you an idea of the detail in these new york city maps.

New York City’s harbor (1892)

Download full size (10.23mb)

New York City Central Park Map (1860)

Download full size (13.78mb)

old new york city map

Gracie Emmet – The pulse of New York (1891)

Download full size (15.8mb)

old new york map

John Bachmann’s birdseye map of New York and Environs (1866)

Download full size (7mb) 

old new york maps

New York and Brooklyn – Parsons and Atwater (1875)

Download full size (14.8mb)

old new york map

New York Hotel and Theater Map (1906)

Download full size (6.05mb)

old new york map

Manhattan & Brooklyn (1890)

Download full size (11.67mb)

old new york map

Penn Station (1910)

Download full size (14.01mb)

old new york city map

Birdseye view of the borough of Brooklyn (1896)

Download full size (16mb)

Williams’ map of Manhattan (1879)

Download full size (16.50mb)

old new york map

Map of Manhattan and Parts of Brooklyn (1840)

Download full size (7.99mb)

old new york map

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